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Plastic Products

PLASTIC PRODUCTS We are a Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Plastic Chairs & Tables. Designed to perfection, our plastic trolley can be used to add an extra storage space while our plastic tables have great utility. Apart from being used at homes these dining tables can be used for corporate dining rooms, training centers, restaurants, […]

Stationery Products

STATIONERY PRODUCTS Market Movers is an India based manufacturer, exporter and supplier of office stationery products, school stationery, home stationery and other stationery products provides ‘value for money’ products to the ever discerning customer in the changing dynamics of the marketplace. We offer our customers a large product range in which each product is hand-picked […]

Indian Snacks

INDIAN SNACKS Indian products are always astonishing. Diverse culture and tradition of the land is imprinted on its products too. Indian snacks are one among the highly economic classes in the global market. Our products are composed of natural ingredients only and packed efficiently so that they retain actual taste and aroma. MixtureMixture is one […]

Indian Rice Export

INDIAN RICE EXPORT Rice other than basmati rice is called non- basmati rice. In the world it has been reported that there are 10000 varieties of rice, the maximum number being in India. In fact, basmati rice equals to only 1% production of the total rice grown in India.Non- basmati rice comes in all kinds […]

Leather Export

LeATHER EXPORT The Indian Leather, Leather Products and Footwear Industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy. This sector is known for its consistency in high export earnings and it is among the top ten foreign exchange earners for the Country. The export of footwear, leather and leather products from India was to the […]

Organic Products

Organic Products India is one of the most important players in the global market today. Being one of the major agricultural exporters in the world, grain and cereal export from India has been growing rapidly. Sawariyaexims Foods is one of the most reliable grains importers from India. We work on the export of grains and […]

Indian Spices Exporter

Indian Spices Exporter Spices are one of the most important ingredients in Indian dishes. Indian Spices have been popular across the world for their unique flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture. Thus, the export of spices from India has increased substantially. We, at Sawariyaexims Foods, believe that Indian culture and our unique spices in India should […]

Indian Dry Fruits

INDIAN DRY FRUITS Dry fruits in India are basically fruits whose water content has been removed almost completely either naturally or by processes like sun drying or specialized dehydrators or dryers. Dry fruits can be eaten in various forms and are known to be powerhouses of nutrients. Dry fruits export from India includes the export […]

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